1. shared-office-featured

    The Practicalities of Office Sharing

    “You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family.”   It may be an old saying but it will certainly hit a nerve with many people. Families, love them or hate them, there isn’t a great deal that we can do about them. Apart from maybe installing a fool proof caller ID! Our …

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  2. office-germs-featured

    Eliminating Germs in the Workplace

      It’s a familiar scenario in the workplace where one person gets ill and within days, most of the office has been wiped out by the illness. Obviously being ill is horrible for the people affected, but days off work can also put pressure on the rest of the team and lead to work piling …

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  3. Nestle Integral Power 2 Featured

    CMD and Screentek Collaborate

      CMD’s Collaboration with Screentek Produces Innovative Results   Collaborations are often the route to innovation and this is the case with CMD Ltd’s recent work with office interiors experts Screentek. Screentek share our passion for design, quality, social responsibility and British manufacturing, which made this a natural collaboration. The product Screentek design and develop …

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  4. NCP Command Centre Case Study - Porthole and grey Eclipse

    NCP Case Study

    NCP Surveillance Command Centre, Bolton  Bolton Council announced back in 2008 NCP as its preferred partner for building at least three new multi-storey car parks in the town centre. Under the terms of the deal, NCP are responsible for the design, build, financing and operation of the new multi-stories on Bath Street, Deane Road and …

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  5. start up workspace featured

    Designing a Shared Office Space?

      From drab, uninspiring cubicles to table tennis tables and games rooms, start-ups can often make the error of being bare-bone dull to completely over-the-top. If the look doesn’t fit your company’s business and values, then you could be missing out on an opportunity to boost employee morale and productivity and attract the best talent …

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  6. CMD 30th Anniversary Party

    CMD Celebrates Turning 30!

    CMD Celebrates 30 Years of successful growth in Rotherham LEADING South Yorkshire office solutions company CMD is celebrating its 30th Anniversary throughout 2014. The Rotherham based company provides the technology to enhance workspaces; creating productive working environments with well-designed accessories and ergonomic solutions to 21st century technology challenges. CMD, who specialise in the design of …

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  7. poweder-module-fuses-featured

    Power Module Stopped Working!

    The most common reason for a CMD power module to stop working is that the fuse has ‘blown’ in the socket. Fuses can blow for numerous reasons which are triggered when an appliance draws an excessive current. Some examples of this include mismatched loads, short circuits, device failure and overloading. The fuse blows to prevent …

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  8. eating at desk featured

    Eating at Your Desk?

      It’s no real surprise that eating your lunch at your desk is a risk both physically and psychologically. Even though the risks seem obvious, 75% of office workers still eat their lunches at their desks as often as two or three times a week.   Why eating at your desk is unhealthy   Your …

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  9. mood lighting featured

    Mood Altering Lighting

      It’s amazing how the atmosphere of an environment can change so radically, depending on the lighting that’s used. If you’ve ever lingered too long over lunch in a restaurant you will have seen it change before your very eyes. You start your meal in a bustling, brightly lit environment, full of working lunch meetings …

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  10. British-manufacturing-featured

    The Best of British

    The bunting has long gone and the party food has been swept from the streets. Gazebos are stuffed back under the stairs and that forlorn Union Jack flag still lies, shredded and forgotten in the boot of the car. Although Royal Wedding/Jubilee/Olympic/Baby Prince George Fever has now passed us by, the glimmer of patriotism still …

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