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  1. ISO-1

    CMD ISO 9001 Certification

    The BSI ISO 9001 accreditation is backed by UKAS, the sole national accreditation body recognised by the UK Government to provide certification, testing & inspection. The UKAS level of service is a recognised symbol as the industry mark of quality. This gives you the confidence that CMD’s manufacturing processes are carried out to the high

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  2. BSI Membership Certificate

    BSI Membership Certificate

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  3. How Getting the Light Right in Education Can Help Bring Success and Save Money

    With the half-term break now over, millions of students have returned to schools, colleges and universities across the country. Their performances can be enhanced in a number of ways, one of which is through the installation of good lighting equipment in educational institutions. Poor lighting hinders students who have bad vision, and also encourages bad

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  4. Checklist

    Your Check List When Using a Laptop

    Laptops have increased dramatically in use over the past decade due to their mobility and value for money, allowing us to set up camp in a location of our choice and crack on with our latest ‘to do´ tasks. Brilliant, is it not? Well it is, until a couple hours later your arm begins to

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  5. Benefits of an Ergonomic Workstation

    When sitting at a desk for five days a week, a badly designed workplace can be disadvantageous to the employee and the manager – many problems arising and ultimately, the quality of work potentially being reduced. These types of problems have recently become more noticeable, with the advancement of computer technology and the modern office

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  6. LCD-TV

    Managing Cables with Your LCD TV

    As with any expensive product, the devil is in the detail. Finishing touches are all important to the overall look of the item you have just bought and, with your brand new LCD TV, it is vital that the correct look is achieved through proper LCD TV cable management. With constant additions of new technology

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  7. danger-high-voltage

    Why is Electrical Safety so Important?

    About half of all households are said to not have adequate protection against electrical hazards. If the property is rented and the electrical safety is not adequate enough, this could lead to the owners of the rented accommodation having to make landlord property insurance claims. In the workplace, it is the responsibility of the business

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  8. lighting-controll

    Lighting Control in Hospitals

    Lives are at stake every day in hospitals, and a primary concern for staff and patients is not only the reliability of the equipment used in hospitals, but the lighting used also. Modern lighting control systems are being introduced into hospitals, and they help conserve energy so more can be used where it is needed;

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  9. swimming-pool

    Swimming Pool and Spa Complexes – Electrical Safety in the Leisure Industry

    The common household has many wires running through it, and need to be installed correctly to minimise the risk of injury and the wellbeing of the dwellers. The same rules apply to communal areas, and especially those that are at great risk of electrical faults – the most notable ones of these being swimming pools

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  10. Pollution

    Carbon Careless Commercial Property Will Lost Out to Competitors According to Energy Efficiency Paper

    Commercial property landlords could see their buildings become unoccupied if they fail to maintain low carbon and energy efficient premises, according to a new paper from the Low Carbon Workplace.   The ‘Less Embodied Carbon, More Value’ report could be something of a wake-up call for developers and owners of commercial premises. It argues that

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