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Carbon Careless Commercial Property Will Lost Out to Competitors According to Energy Efficiency Paper

Commercial property landlords could see their buildings become unoccupied if they fail to maintain low carbon and energy efficient premises, according to a new paper from the Low Carbon Workplace.


The ‘Less Embodied Carbon, More Value’ report could be something of a wake-up call for developers and owners of commercial premises. It argues that it pays to fit out buildings with energy efficient equipment to fit the needs of occupiers.

Businesses are always looking for buildings that are cost-effective, especially with energy bills expected to increase by 100% over the next ten years.

So, if landlords upgrade their energy equipment they can stay ahead of the competition, as their buildings will be considerably more desirable for potential tenants.

There is a good argument for the need of commercial properties to ‘future-proof’ their assets, a case made even stronger by the UK government’s recently announced legally-binding targets to reduce carbon emissions by 80% by 2050 (in comparison to 1990 levels).

As it stands, according to Carbon Trust research, much of the UK’s existing building stock (80% of which is over 10 years old) is unlikely to comply with current carbon legislation and will need to improve on average by four DEC ratings if the government’s carbon goals are to be achieved.

Also, businesses are now making more sustained efforts to be green and more environmentally responsible in order to protect and enhance their reputation, as well as for the good of the planet.

Two specific areas highlighted in the Low Carbon Workplace paper as being primarily responsible for power consumption were lighting and “small-power”, which are the power loads consumed by occupier’s equipment.

At CMD we have a range of equipment that can be used to significantly decrease the power used up in these two areas. We offer a green, money saving opportunity for both landlords and businesses.

Our lighting systems can automatically turn off when rooms and shared space are empty, and also monitor available daylight to allow only the necessary amount of artificial light to be emitted.

And products such as Footprint can indicate the costs of running connected appliances. Footprint also monitors and schedules appliances for when they need to be in use, saving you energy and money.

Buildings that can fulfil the needs of occupiers who desire energy efficient space will hold extra value over time against those that do not.

To find out how we at CMD can help your commercial buildings stay ahead of your competitors, contact us

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