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Footprint can save your business money by keep track of energy efficiency

When it comes to consuming energy, the UK’s offices are considerable power devourers.

Office equipment accounts for a staggering 15 per cent of all electrical energy used in the UK, with this figure being estimated to have doubled by 2020.

According to the Carbon Trust, 30% of the energy consumed in the UK is wasted, costing businesses millions of pounds each year.

So it’s no surprise that control of energy consumption is a priority for businesses; wasted energy equals wasted money that can be used on other resources.

While some businesses may see energy consumption as a fixed overhead, managing your energy output is actually one of the most successful ways of saving your company money.

This is where our latest product, Footprint, comes in. Footprint puts you back in control of your business’s energy usage by giving you the power to manage your electricity output at your fingertips, easily and effectively.

It allows you to audit, monitor, and manage how much electricity is being used at desk level, also allowing you to target where it is being wasted.

The benefits of Footprint are:

• The ability to indicate the costs of running connected appliances.
• Controlling connected appliances from one location.
• Monitoring and scheduling appliances to save you energy and money.
• No software installed on PCs
• Self-forming and self-healing properties eliminating single points of failure.

The Footprint system consists of four basic elements. The master socket is a dedicated outlet controlling the provision of power to the auxiliary sockets depending upon the operational mode. It has a built in smart meter that measures and transmits highly accurate consumption data.


The Gateway can control 200 power strips, while the four power strip allows users to connect up to three appliances, making them smart, energy conscious and controllable.

The dashboard is where the consumer can monitor and control their energy usage by logging on through any standard web browser. Through this dashboard you can see exactly how much electricity is being used in your business at each workstation. This makes it easier for users to take responsibility and ownership of their actions, and change your energy consumption levels for the better.

By being able to take full control of your own energy consumption through using Footprint from CMD, you will not only reduce your carbon footprint, but your business costs, too.

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