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How Getting the Light Right in Education Can Help Bring Success and Save Money

With the half-term break now over, millions of students have returned to schools, colleges and universities across the country.

Their performances can be enhanced in a number of ways, one of which is through the installation of good lighting equipment in educational institutions.

Poor lighting hinders students who have bad vision, and also encourages bad behaviour. If lighting is too bright, students can have migraines and suffer from strained eyes, which could lead to permanent eye damage.

By contrast, a comfortable student in a correctly lighted classroom will benefit, performing better in such an environment and experiencing less disruption.

Here at CMD, we have undertaken many products in schools and colleges throughout our history. One project we worked on was with Crawshaw School in Leeds, who were featured on BBC News in August on GCSE results day.

Crawshaw School saw an increase in those students who gained 5 A to C grades rise from 59 per cent in 2010 to 62 per cent in 2011.

Not only is good lighting synonymous with academic success, but also saves money.

According to the Carbon Trust, 25 per cent of education facilities’ energy costs come from lighting. CMD has a range of products designed with a variety of energy saving features that help reduce both schools’ carbon footprints and their running costs.

By using Intelligent Lighting Control Modules from CMD, your classrooms’ artificial lighting can be automatically controlled. Sensors can monitor available daylight to allow only the right amount of artificial light to be emitted.

Furthermore, the light fittings can be dimmed to differing degrees across the room. This ensures that the lights nearest the windows are dimmed more than those at the back of a classroom.

The RIGEL circuit distribution box, as used at Crawshaw School, also features absence and presence controls that can automatically switch off lights when a classroom becomes unoccupied.

Our lighting setups can also have their programs modified to suit the needs of the school, college or university and offer a bespoke solution.

CMD systems have also benefitted Walsall College, Priesthorpe School in Farsley and East Riding College in Bridlington. If you feel your educational facility can benefit from our experience too, get in touch.

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