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    The Changing Learning Environment

    Schools are places which the majority of pupils either love or hate; some children enjoy the whole experience of education whereas others cannot wait for the opportunity to escape and leave it all behind. Memories of your time at school can be influenced by the physical attributes of the classrooms you were taught in. Classrooms

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    Avoiding RSI and other injuries

    Many jobs now consist of employees sitting at desks in offices as business has moved away from manual work and more towards office based work with employees staring at computers. As the majority of people now work at computers there is an increased possibility of developing repetitive strain injuries and other complications associated with sitting

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    Section 543.7

    Section 607 of the Wiring Regulations has now been replaced by a new set of Wiring Regulations 543.7 “Earthing requirements for the installation of equipment having high protective conductor currents” and applies to all circuits with high earth leakage currents likely to exceed 10mA. With the widespread use of information technology equipment, high leakage currents

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    Relaxing with a Hobby

    The world in which we live is often very fast-paced and stressful with too many things to do and can often seem to get more and more complicated and stressful every day. Being overworked and stressed is not a happy position for anyone to be in which is why it is so important to occasionally

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    More than Just a Place to Work

    Client: Hull City Council, Guildhall, Alfred Gelder Street, Consultants: Custom Business Equipment, 15 Upton Street, Hull Project Refurbishment and Office fit-out Many published research white papers rank the option to position a computer in a suitable location as one of the most important attributes of a comfortable workspace. Take the new refurbished offices for Hull

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    Footprint Runner Up at the Sheffield Business Awards 2012

    In January we attended the Sheffield Business Awards with the hope that Footprint would be crowned with the Next Big Thing Award. Sadly, it was not meant to be. However, we take great pride in being short listed for such a prestigious award and that in itself demonstrates the potential Footprint has. To find out

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    CMD’s New CPU Support Selector

    Buying a CPU support can be a daunting task. There are many styles available, with a range of options for both trolley and underdesk supports. But not only have you got to find a suitable style, you also have to ensure that the support is the right size for your CPU. At CMD, we understand

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    Working From Home Should Be The Same As Working From An Office

    The increasing and widespread use of the internet has had a huge impact on businesses in the last decade. Many companies’ services are now based entirely around e-commerce or web services. The computer industry is huge and affects nearly every other industry in the world. One of the big changes the internet has caused is

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