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Creating A Professional Reception Area

Whether it is in a school, a hotel, a hospital or office building, the reception area is the first place that you will encounter and this is often where you will make your first impressions of the building and the people who work there. As it plays such an important role at such an early stage a reception area is usually designed to look as modern and professional as possible in order to convey the right sort of image for the organisation or business. How the area looks and feels is also important for the receptionists who work there as they need to be comfortable in their job and the environment in which they work.

If you enter a building and are confronted with an untidy and tired looking reception area then you won’t get a particularly good impression and probably won’t want to stay. If, however, you enter a building come into a sleek and well organised reception area you will feel more comfortable and have more confidence in the company or hotel. Everyone is aware of the importance of first impressions and so this is why time and money is often spent making sure that a reception area is suitable and looks the part. Hospitals need to look safe and clean, hotels welcoming and offices professional and this can all be achieved through proper design and organisation. The majority of reception desks and counters will be sleek and modern. Many desks and counters are designed so that computers and terminals are hidden from view so that visitors are not confronted with a wall of computers. Computers will usually be on a lower level behind the desk so that the reception staff can see them and use them but so that they are not a focal point in the room.

Many hotels and office buildings now offer wifi and internet connections to visitors and this is very often in the reception areas. Most reception areas in offices and hotels will also offer visitors somewhere to plug in their laptops and phone chargers if they need to. Being able to offer visitors access to power can be essential and so this is often incorporated into the design of these areas making sure that there are power distribution strips that can be used by visitors. Power distribution strips will very often be located near the walls and edges of the reception area so that people can sit around the edge of the room and use their laptops whist waiting to go in or to meet somebody. This means that they are able to get on with any work that they may have without having to try to find an available power source and it also means that they will not be in a prominent position or a distraction to anybody else.

The reception area is the first point of contact for any visitor building and provides the opportunity to convey the image that you want visitors to have and gives you the chance to make a strong and good first impression. Having a professional, clean and tidy reception area will inspire confidence in those who come into it and reflect much better than a tired and scruffy looking welcome area.

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