CMD Ltd has been manufacturing in the UK for over 30 years, and we are proud of our heritage.

Over three decades of manufacturing

Our Head Office in Rotherham has been our home for 35 years

Continual growth

Since 1984 we have had continual growth, resulting in us becoming...


CMD Limited announce its acquisition by IDEAL Industries Inc.

We are very proud of our heritage, as we have grown from a small manufacturing firm in Rotherham, South Yorkshire to a global market leader, who creates solutions to meet the challenges of integrating power and technology in to commercial environments.

And yet we still manufacture from our Head Office in Rotherham where it all started over three decades ago.


1984 saw the formation of Daisy Kitchens. The focus was firmly on kitchen units and lighting, but during this time we entered the power module market. Sourcing a power module from German supplier.

1988 saw Powerplan System Ltd established. They introduced a range of power distribution products for commercial environments.


The 90’s brought change, Form Fittings Ltd was established incorporating Daisy Kitchens and with a clear focus on power modules, manufactured on site.

1997 saw the CMD Group of companies formed. Several acquisitions including

  • DPG Ltd
  • Form Fittings Ltd
  • Powerplan Systems Ltd
  • AX Distribution
  • Astrolux
  • Integra

The experience that the CMD group of companies formed was vast and enhanced our product development across all our ranges.

2000 to 2010

Eight years after the formation of the CMD Group, in focus on strategy and goals saw several of the groups companies sold off, and the remaining companies restructured. DPG, Form Fittings and Powerplan became the ‘Cable Management Division’.

Following the restructuring it was time for us to unite our brands even closer. In 2009 joint branding with CMD alongside DPG, Formfittings and Powerplan.


CMD Ltd was established, merging DPG, Form Fittings and Powerplan into one company, creating the total solutions provider we are today.

Since this formation there have been many more changes to our business all focusing on delivering the best possible solutions to our customers.


CMD Limited announce its acquisition by IDEAL Industries Inc.