Made in Britain

British manufacturing is vital to the prosperity of the entire UK economy

Made in Sheffield

A recognition of quality British manufacturing

72% of our suppliers are UK Based

This allows us to source components faster and shorten lead times

CMD Ltd has been manufacturing in Britain since 1984, and over the past three decades our British manufacturing base has grown.

Today we currently employ over 150 production operatives at our Head Office manufacturing facility in South Yorkshire.

To show how proud we are of our heritage, we carry the prestigious ‘Made in Sheffield‘ mark which is recognised globally.

As we manufacture in Britain we do not have to rely on imports and in return this helps us deliver solutions quicker. We also believe in supporting British companies and where possible we strive to source local materials and expertise. This is why 72% of our suppliers are UK based. British manufacturing is perceived by many to be costly, but we believe this isn’t correct and we strive to ensure that our prices remain competitive without sacrificing our commitment to quality.