Cable Management


What is the best type of cable management using sit stand desks?

As with standard desks, most sit stand desks incorporate a cable containment system under the desk.

The problem with sit stand desks is they will move up and down so that any cable containment/ cable spine used for getting cables from desk to floor needs to be extendable. There are extendable systems that allow this available.

Alternatively the cable basket may be kept at the same height when the desk moves up to a standing position. In this case the cables are normally housed in a cable chain system supplied by companies such as Metool or Kabelschlepp. These allow longer cable lengths to be used (to allow a stand position) without the cables becoming snagged or tangled.


What is the best under desk cable management?

That depends on the type of desk you are using. Many desks incorporate cable trays or cable baskets designed to house power modules, cables and data cables.

Power and data cables should be separated from each other in the cable containment (tray or basket).

Many desks do not include a method of containing the cables when they are taken from the horizontal cable basket to the floor. This is best done using a cable riser or spine which will contain the cables as they descend from under the desk to a floor box.