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  1. new_harmony

    Important Change – Harmony Power Module

    You may have noticed in our 2016 Product Catalogue that our Harmony on desk module has been given a face lift. Harmony’s appearance has been improved by introducing a double end cap system to remove all visible screws and greater flexibility will be achieved by the separate supply of data cables. Further design improvements include: Rear access

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  2. Winston Churchill standing while working

    Introducing Winston

    I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Winston. Winston isn’t a new employee at CMD, but a new product that is aimed at helping you have a healthier, happier day at the office . Winston is a sit-stand workstation for up to 4 screens that instantly converts any desk into a sit stand workspace.

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  3. Stock_Take

    Annual Stock Take

    CMD Ltd will be conducting its annual stock take from Friday 30th October to Monday 2nd November 2015.

    During this process orders will not be despatched and there will not be any invoicing or credit notes involving stock movements ​on Friday 30th October. Limited order despatches and stock transactions will re-commence from the afternoon of Monday 2nd November with full service resuming Tuesday 3rd November.

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  4. Mobile-Phone-Charging

    Our increasing demand for power

    Imagine it’s the middle of the afternoon and your mobile phone starts bleeping, not to tell you that you have a call or a text message, but a notification and the worst type of notification ‘Low battery’. While this is very frustrating there is not much we can do, other than find somewhere to charge our phone.

    You are not alone. With our increasing reliance on mobile electronic devices we are also increasing the demand for power wherever we may be, but how far are you willing to go to charge your device?

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  5. Cable Tidy advertisement for Icon magazine

    ICON – Tidy – July 2015

    This is our Full Page advertisement published in the July edition of ICON Magazine. This Ad features our cable Tidy – A desk to floor cable management solution. It can be found on page 64

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  6. Employee-sitting-down-at-his-desk

    Office Happiness – The ultimate guide to stay happy at work

    For anyone employed full-time chances are you spend a large chunk of your time in the office rather than at home. We spend countless hours ensuring our home is a happy and relaxed place so why not the office? Work should be an enjoyable experience, a place where you can really let your mind loose

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  7. CMD advertisement for On Office showcasing our Air monitor arm, Porthole in desk module and Contour Desktop power Module

    On Office – Air, Porthole and Contour – June 2015

    Three, is the magic number full page Ad appearing in Junes edition of On Office Magazine. This Ad features our Porthole in desk module, Air flat screen monitor arm and Contour on desk power module. To see this head to page 74

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  8. walk-to-work

    Office Demographics – Why can’t we all just get along?

    A great many people up and down the country work in some kind of office environment., from sales and marketing through to customer services and contact centres. All these occupations involve a unique social dynamic. A dynamic unseen in many other occupations. This, some believe, is what makes these fast paced environments a joy to

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  9. A-whacky-racecar-workstation

    Wackiest Workplaces & Craziest Offices – Part 1 Inventionland

    Here at CMD many of our products end up in some kind of office or workplace. So, we thought it was about time we follow our product’s journey and see where they end up. In doing so, we realised there are a lot of so-called “off the wall” offices out there in many corners of the

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  10. Porthole-II-in-desk-power-usb-charging-module

    Product Focus – The Porthole Family

    Within our industry products are forever coming and going. Many new products are touted to be the next big thing. Next thing you know they are being made obsolete and discontinued – replaced by another “big thing” that promises to be all the rage. Well not at CMD. The designers really hit that jackpot when

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