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    Be better connected with CMD now available on ProDesign

    CMD, a leader in underfloor busbar powertrack partners with ProDesign, the UK’s leading electrical design software. This revolutionary software provides full electrical design and calculations for BS 7671 compliance. This powerful, engineer-friendly software is ideal for projects of all sizes, from houses and airports to offices and hospitals. ProDesign has many design options, providing total

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  2. O'neill patient Solictors

    Case Study – O’Neill Patient Solicitors

    Project: O’Neill Patient Solicitors O’Neill Patient Solicitors get a helping hand from CMD’s Vision Monitor Arms & Elite+   O’Neill Patient Solicitors LLP is a well-established law firm based in Stockport in the North West of England who specialise in a number of different practice areas and provide legal services to the residential property and remortgage markets. 

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  3. Desk in NCP surveillance office

    Case Study – NCP Surveillance Command Centre, Bolton

    Project: NCP Surveillance Command Centre, Bolton Project team: Xpressive Interiors Bolton Council announced back in 2008 NCP as its preferred partner for building at least three new multi-storey car parks in the town centre. Under the terms of the deal, NCP are responsible for the design, build, financing and operation of the new multi-stories on

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  4. Rotasoc under desk module in situ in CMDs rotherham office

    Rotasoc Proves Buying British is Best

    Despite manufacturing accounting only for just over 10% of total UK output, the sector remains an important driver for economic growth, and is critical to maintaining a balanced UK recovery and growth pattern. In spite of the challenging international backdrop it is vital that we as a nation make every effort to ensure that enterprising

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  5. common ergonomic mistakes: ignoring discomfort

    Common ergonomic mistakes

    Working at desks all hours god sends throws up some physical issues. We have to be proactive about these issues in order to stop small niggles turning into future illness and injury. But now that desk ergonomics are on most people’s radars, it’s easier and easier for people to make one of these common ergonomic

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  6. Infographic Feb-01

    What you need to know about ergonomics [Infographic]

    CMD LTD design ergonomic products, but what does that actually mean? Check out our infographic for a breakdown on what ergonomics is, and why it’s important to consider it in office design.    

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  7. Pile of phones, new and old

    Wireless “induction” charging – The definitive guide

    What is wireless charging? How does it work? Is my phone compatible? Questions that our industry gets time and time again. Wireless or induction charging came from pretty much out of nowhere last year and as “cool” as it seems the understanding people have isn’t as much as they would like. With that in mind

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  8. Man-tripping-over-cables

    Bad Cable Management – What are the dangers?

    Join us as we take an in depth look into the risks associated with bad cable management in the workplace, the effects it has on the office and why premium cable management systems are a must have in 2015! Many people feel cable management is just a costly additional aftermarket product which isn’t essential. It is

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  9. are open plan offices good?

    Offices of the future – what will they be like?

    We’ve seen massive advances in the working world over the past forty years, as the office has embraced the internet, and then wireless connectivity. On top of that, our modern conception of the office is so different – pre-1950, we would most likely have all have had a private office, with its own window, before the

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  10. Planet-earth-in-green-trees

    Go Green in 2015

    Top tips from CMD on how to reduce your carbon footprint, go green and protect yourself against rising energy costs. With the rising costs of fuel, electricity and all forms of energy, the purse strings have never been ti ghter for business’s than they are in 2015,  Alongside the “impending doom” that is global warming

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