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  1. Man-tripping-over-cables

    Dangers of Bad Cable Management

    Join us as we take an in depth look into the risks associated with bad cable management in the workplace, the effects it has on the office and why premium cable management systems are a must have in 2015. Many people feel cable management is just a costly additional aftermarket product which isn’t essential. It is

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  2. are open plan offices good?

    Offices of the future – what will they be like?

    We’ve seen massive advances in the working world over the past forty years, as the office has embraced the internet, and then wireless connectivity. On top of that, our modern conception of the office is so different – pre-1950, we would most likely have all have had a private office, with its own window, before the

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  3. Planet-earth-in-green-trees

    Go Green in 2015

    Top tips from CMD on how to reduce your carbon footprint, go green and protect yourself against rising energy costs. With the rising costs of fuel, electricity and all forms of energy, the purse strings have never been ti ghter for business’s than they are in 2015,  Alongside the “impending doom” that is global warming

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  4. carpal tunnel work dangers

    Carpal Tunnel – a guide to avoiding wrist pain at work

    Do you experience tingling and numbness in your hand frequently? These are the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which can eventually lead to wrist weakness and diminished hand and wrist function, as well as permanent damage, alongside that now familiar tingling. What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a relatively common condition caused

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  5. businessman shows modern technology as concept

    More wires in our Wireless Society?

      How can we be a wireless society when our offices have more wires than ever? To some, a wireless society is considered a vision, a dream of fluent movement allowing us to come and go as we please, removing the inconvenience of cables that restrain us to the parameters of our working environment. This

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  6. Natural-lighting-in-the-office

    Top Tips for a More Comfortable Desk

    We all spend 40+ hours a work, the majority of our waking life’s, 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year give or take the odd summer holiday and a week off for Christmas. Yet most of the working population work hour after hour in pain or discomfort due to incorrect desk set ups. Having

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  7. Daniel Brown - Winning for Scorpion Taekwondo

    Daniel Brown accepted into GB Taekwondo Cadet Development Squad

    As children many of us dreamt of fame; becoming the best of the best and conquering the world. Unfortunately, for most of us this has remained a dream but for one youngster his dream is now one step closer. I am of course talking about CMD’s very own taekwondo legend in the making, Daniel Brown

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  8. CMD 2015 Product Catalogue - Low Res_Page_001

    2015 Catalogue by CMD Ltd

    Take a Closer Look – CMD’s New 2015 Catalogue – Fresh Thinking The launch of CMD’s 2015 product catalogue sees the multi-award winning British manufacturer reward its loyal customers with a 12 month price freeze following a 6 month production efficiency drive.  Let’s look at some of their key findings: A new Amada press brake

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  9. A-women-getting-employees-to-move-more

    10 Ways to Get Employees to Move More

    It’s official – we are now sitting for longer periods than ever, with the average office worker being seated for around 7.7 hours every day. This new health epidemic has been called the ‘sitting disease’, a term first coined by Dr James Levine MD in his 2009 book Move a Little, Lose a Lot. Obesity

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  10. procrastination-in-the-workplace

    The Workplace and Mental Health

      How the Workplace Environment Impacts on Mental Health For many people a job is vital to their mental health as it builds self-esteem, provides a clear purpose and can help create and maintain friendships (as well as crucially providing a monthly pay packet!). Although there are many positives to being employed, for some people

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