Important Change Announcement – New Harmony

You may have noticed in our 2016 Product Catalogue that our Harmony on desk module has been given a face lift. Harmony’s appearance has been improved by introducing a double end cap system to remove all visible screws and greater flexibility will be achieved by the separate supply of data cables. Further design improvements include:

  • Rear access plug in RJ45, USB and HDMI data sockets
  • Data cables now sold separately
  • A greater choice of colour options
  • No visible fixing screws
  • 1m mains lead to GST Wieland 3 pole connector

Our new Harmony module allows us to improve lead times by having a range of pre-assembled modules ready for despatch. The ability to specify separate data cables and power leads provides greater flexibility during installation and allows the modules to be easily reconfigurable on site, if needed in the future.

Available Configurations

Supplying the new Harmony module with separate data cables allows us to standardise our range but there will be no change to you in terms of available configurations. Please see our 2016 Product Catalogue for a list of standard options. Once you have selected a Harmony configuration all you need to do is tell our sales team what length of data cables and power lead you need. Data cables are available in standard lengths of 2m, 3m and 4m. If you do not see a Harmony configuration that is suitable please discuss this with a member of our sales team and we will customise one specifically for your needs.

Release Date

The new ‘Rear Access Sockets’, which will be available for RJ45, USB and HDMI data, will be released in May.

New Harmony