Sit-Stand Working

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce Winston. Winston isn’t a new employee at CMD, but a new product that is aimed at helping you have a healthier, happier day at the office . Winston is a sit-stand workstation for up to 4 screens that instantly converts any desk into a sit stand workspace. Winston has a weighted base, which means it is simply placed on the desk. Innovative locking gas spring mechanism means you work with the screen and work surface in a fixed position without any downward movement until you release the catch to return to a sitting position.

Ergonomic Credentials

Winston offers a unique 43cm range of height adjustment to support the ergonomic requirements of users of all sizes.
The new gas strut technology allows the user to adjust the height in a smooth and controlled manner and with minimal effort to eliminate the risk of back strain.
The new gas strut locking mechanism secures the product at any height whilst reducing screen wobble.
Winston offers a full range of screen adjustment in all areas of tilt, rotation and pivot providing greater comfort to the user.

Innovation and Technology

Winston is the first unit of its type to incorporate a weighted base and achieve complete stability. This is because it incorporates the industry’s first locking gas cylinder, designed to keep the work surface in place and eliminate wobble when working.

The weighted base is important because it allows the workstation to be easily retrofitted to any desk or bench system. It also offers greater flexibility as the unit can be quickly relocated with the user if required, without leaving unsightly holes in the desk surface.

Winston is the only sit-stand workstation that supports up to 4 monitors, presenting the benefits of sit-stand working to a greater number of employees than ever before – including those working in control rooms etc.


Winston uses gas strut technology that allows the user to lift and lower up to 4 monitors with ease. The gas strut locking mechanism is released by simply pressing the push lever which is located at the edge of the working surface, allowing the user to guide the workstation into the desired position.

Winston’s monitor screen adjustment capability out performs all competing units, offering 200 degrees of tilt, 180 degrees of pivot, and 360 degrees of rotation. The height adjustable work surface at 76cm x 58cm is larger than its competitors and for the first time offers the user a flexible and affordable alternative to a sit-stand desk.


The unit incorporates a single column that sits vertically on the work surface and follows the styling cues of modern bench work stations. It is available in a combination of colours and finishes: Black, white and black with pewter column.


The unit is not the first sit-stand unit to enter the market place but it is the first to offer numerous unique, original features that significantly enhance the user experience:

  • Single, dual and quad screen options
  • Free standing or clamp mount fixing
  • Largest work surface for a product of its type
  • Reduced screen movement
  • Choice of colours and finishes
  • Suitable for Apple Mac users
Why Winston?

If you were wondering why we call it Winston, it is aptly named after Sir Winston Churchill who insisted on standing while working, as a conventional desk would just not suffice.