230V PIR Sensor

230V PIR Sensor

Features and Benefits

  • Presence Detection
  • Optional Daylight Hold Off
  • Pluggable – no onsite wiring required
  • 230v Switching
  • No commissioning required
  • Sensitivity controls under removable bezel
  • Side mounted PIR or PIR/LUX selector switch
  • Integral securing wings - ease of installation
  • Lightweight Flame Retardant ABS Casing
  • 100% factory tested – Complete peace of mind

Product information

230v Combined Passive Infra Red and Daylight Sensor. Each 230v Sensor is a multifunctional fully adjustable combined passive infra red and daylight (LUX) sensor. These sensors may be used with Sirius LSM’s and Proxima BMB’s.
Each PIR has 3 adjustment screws to allow the user to configure the PIR to suit the condition of the room it is installed in. Operating the following settings:
Time Delay
The time that the PIR will hold the luminaires on before switching them off can be set between 15 seconds and 30 minutes.
LUX Level
The point at which the PIR will either hold the luminaires off or begin to dim them (dependent on control module type) can be set by adjusting this control. The LUX level may be set between 200 and 2000 LUX.
PIR Sensitivity
The range that the passive infra red sensor detects out to can be adjusted up to a maximum of 7 metres diameter (when installed at 2.4m height). The adjustment screws are hidden to prevent being tampered with.

Each PIR has a side selector switch which allows the user to configure the PIR for 1 of the following operational modes:
PIR/LUX used for combined presence and daylight hold off.
LUX used if daylight hold off on its own is required.
PIR used if presence detection on its own is required.
The side selector switch must be set before the PIR is installed.

Plastic PIR Casins are manufactured from flame retardant ABS
All PIR’s are 100% factory tested. To ensure traceability all PIR’s are labelled with the date of testing and a unique serial number both of which are also recorded electronically

Directive EMC 89/336/EEC Directive LVD 2006/95/EC Unit independently tested to comply with the requirements of: BS EN 60669-2-1:2004 BS EN 60669-2-3:1999 BS EN 55015:2006 BS EN 61000 series of standards for EMC compatibility
Supply voltage: 12 Volts DC
Current Rating: 16Amp
Relay Rating: See RIGEL CDB or CANIS LCM
RJ45 Wiring: T568B CAT 5. 5/12vDC SELV
IP Rating: IP2X
Connection Via RJ45 male plugs
Operating temperatures -5°C to 35°C

Standard Products

Pluggable (Wieland) 230v Combined Sensor

UK Part Number: P699907000.0

Presence & Daylight sensor



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