• Complete control of the AUDACY system
  • User-friendly interface
  • 24/7 custom control of your lighting
  • Multi-user access (different security levels)
  • Accessible from any web browser
  • Works on mobile devices
  • Apple  iPhone/iPad App available from iTunes
  • Android App available from Google Play Store

Product information

The Audacy user interface gives you complete control of your lighting system at your fingertips. Including

  • Setting lighting levels (min/max and high-level trim)
  • Creating/amending scenes (up to 16 per room/zone)
  • Set schedules

The control offered via the gateway is endless, as you have granular control of the system. Virtual switches can be created to control individual lighting fixtures without the need for any physical hardware.

Accessible from any internet connected PC, smartphone or tablet (Audacy Lighting Control app for Apple iPhone/iPad available from iTunes (Click here) or Android devices (Click here))


AUDACY User Interface

The Audacy user interface has been designed to make the installation and operation of the wireless lighting system as quick and simple as possible. 

During installation, all of your Audacy components such as the

  • Gateway
  • Luminaire controllers
  • Switches
  • Sensors

can be added via the interface allowing you to configure your settings and start creating schedules immediately.

Floor plans can also be uploaded to the system which you can then overlay your rooms/zones onto making it easier to identify the settings.

Day to day management of your Audacy wireless lighting control systems can be completely controlled from the interface.


Know more, spend less

Understanding user behaviour, lighting patterns and room occupancy is the key to developing a lighting system that works effectively and reduces the organisation’s energy consumption.

The Audacy Interface has been designed to handle all the information that is communicated through the Audacy Gateway  including;

  • Sensor data
  • Mobile interface
  • Fixture status
  • User overrides
  • Energy usage

all of which is stored and interpreted by the Audacy interface allowing you to make informed decisions from where ever you are

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