Fast Fit Floor Boxes

  • Fully configurable
  • Supplied empty of pre-wired
  • Fast tool-free installation
  • Designed with 'Anit-Trip' facility
  • IP Rating 2X
  • Various depths available
  • Fixes to floor thickness of 15 - 50mm

Product information

Our ‘Fast Fix’ floor boxes have been designed to have a fast and simple installation on site. All our floor boxes can be supplied pre-fitted with sockets outlets and tap off unit.

2, 3 & 4 compartment floor boxes are with an varying depths and plug space.


Fast Fit Advantages

  • Quick removal with services fitted
  • Installation tollerence of -0/+3mm
  • Fixes to floor thicknesses of 15-50mm



All our floor boxes are supplied with the following;

  • Non trip cable outlet brackets
  • Self Closing Lid


*The option of a lockable lid for added security, allowing access by competent personnel only, can also be requested.


Typical Floor Box Layout

CMD recommend installing 1 floor box every 10m2. (Click here to view a typical floor layout)




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