Corporate Social Responsibility Statement

CMD Ltd is committed to delivering high standards of corporate governance, a key element of which is managing the Company in a socially responsible way. We are mindful of the Company’s impact on behalf of all our stakeholders, including employees, board members, clients, suppliers, shareholders and local communities.


CMD Ltd recognises the importance of respecting and supporting the communities in which it operates, and of making a positive contribution to society through its work. Our employees have supported several charities and community initiatives during the year, including raising funds for a children’s charity and a national cancer care charity.


It is CMD Ltd policy to encourage symbiotic relationships with suppliers and aims to pay all its suppliers within a reasonable period of their invoices being received and approved, provided that the supplier has performed in accordance with the relevant terms and conditions.
Diversity in the workplace

CMD Ltd are committed to providing a working environment in which its employees can realise their potential and are able to contribute to business success through ongoing training and development irrespective of gender, marital status, ethnic origin, nationality, religion, disability, sexual orientation or age.

Employee involvement

Our employees are an integral part of our business. We realise that engaged and informed employees are productive employees. We recognise the benefits of keeping employees informed on matters which affect them and the wider business, such as financial factors impacting the performance of the Company and developments in the industry. Leaders within the business regularly present updates on the company’s direction and standing, with employees encouraged to express any ideas or questions via an employee forum held monthly.

Employee wellbeing

CMD Ltd is committed to ensuring that our employees have a strong sense of support and wellbeing at work. It is our mission to achieve a valued and productive workforce by implementing a culture of care, increasing employees’ skills and building the outlook required to deal with the pressures of the modern workplace. To this end trained mental health colleagues and first aiders are available during working hours.

Health and safety

CMD Ltd takes all reasonable and practicable steps to safeguard the health, safety and welfare of its employees. We recognise our responsibility for the health and safety of those who may be affected by our activities and take care to operate in a safe and secure manner.

Ethical behaviour

CMD Ltd expects its employees to exercise high professional, ethical and moral standards at all times whilst representing the company. The company maintains an awareness of human rights issues and observance of pertinent law and we reflect this in our suite of policies; these include an Anti-Bribery Policy and Whistleblowing Procedure. Our statement on Modern Slavery in our supply chain is available via our web site,


CMD Ltd recognises that the prudent use of resources delivers both environmental and financial benefits. We aim to promote the maintenance of a healthy environment through responsible and sustainable consumption. Our operations are compliant with BS EN ISO14001:2015 and we try to minimise our impacts where practicable. As part of this policy, we undertake:

  • that all waste is stored and disposed of responsibly, and recycled via recognised streams
  • that where reasonably practicable all components contain recycled materials
  • to comply with the relevant packaging and waste regulations
  • to minimise air travel by utilising conference and video calling technology when appropriate