Electrical Regulations

BS 5733:2010 General Requirements for electrical accessories

BS 5733 specifies requirements and tests to check the safety in normal use of electrical accessories which are not covered by other specific British Standards. Such accessories are intended for use in household, commercial and light industrial premises where:

  • The nominal supply voltage does not exceed 250 V a.c. single-phase, 50 Hz to 60 Hz or 250 V d.c.;
  • The rated current of the accessory does not exceed 63A.

Unless otherwise stated by the manufacturer, accessories conforming to this standard are intended for connection by cables or flexible cords conforming to BS 6004, BS 6007, BS 6500 or BS 7211. BS EN 61535.

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BS EN 61535:2009 Installation couplers intended for permanent connection in fixed installations

This standard applies to two, three, four and five wire installation couplers including earth, (if provided), with a rated voltage up to and including 500V a.c. and a rated connecting capacity up to and including 10mm for permanent connection in indoor electrical installations. Installation couplers with additional contacts for voltages other than mains voltages are outside the scope of this standard. All Products within our range which are intended for connection to the fixed wiring of the building, (such as our Betatrak® Underfloor Busbar System and Modular Lighting Systems), use components certified to BS EN 61535.

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