We have invested in a new £1/4m TRUMPF CNC metal punch as part of an asset renewal strategy for our UK manufacturing capability. The new machine will be used in the production of a wide variety of our power distribution systems and workstation power products at our Rotherham factory.

Suitable for handling sheet metal between 0.9mm and 3.0mm thick, the new machine will replace one of two existing CNC machines, while the other legacy machine remains in service, ensuring uninterrupted production of our power distribution systems and workstation power modules while the new asset is installed and commissioned. Once the old machine has been fully decommissioned, it will be shipped to new owners in Lithuania.

The CNC metal punching machines are used in the production of a wide variety of CMD products, including our Power Hub underfloor power distribution system, floor boxes and grommets and many of the brackets and components across the power distribution and workstation power range.

Roger Byrne, Head of Manufacturing at CMD Ltd explains, “To maintain the quality of our output and ensure we have the capacity and resilience to provide uninterrupted, reliable supply to our customers, we are retiring our old CNC machine to make way for a new model. The new asset will require less maintenance and ensure rapid availability of any spare parts, reducing the risk of unplanned downtime and ensuring we continue manufacturing at full capacity to meet demand for the electrical fit out and commercial interiors markets.”

The new TRUMPF CNC Machine will be both quieter and more energy efficient, contributing to our environmental goals and ISO 9001 accredited quality systems. A full summary of the new machine’s features and capabilities is outlined in this video:

Two new operators have been appointed to our existing CNC team and they will all undergo four days of external training provided by TRUMPF.

General Manager of CMD Ltd, Jon Holding adds: “Our commitment to customers is to provide innovation, quality and reliability of supply for connected workspace environments. Replacing our equipment before it reaches the end of its service life is a key element in delivering that promise.

“This investment will help us maintain high standards of quality and consistent output across our power distribution systems, floor boxes, grommets and workstation power modules and we will continue to prioritise the efficiency of our UK manufacturing operations to ensure we remain a trusted supply chain partner.”