CMD plugs in to european opportunity with Schuko Capsule unit launch

CMD Ltd, the specialist in power and connectivity solutions for commercial environments, has launched a Schuko version of its popular fixed format Capsule workstation power module for export to mainland Europe and beyond.

A popular on desk power module comprising two sockets and dual USB (type A and C) chargers, CMD’s Capsule unit is already widely specified in the UK as an off-the-shelf workstation power solution with a three-day turnaround from stock. CMD already supplies projects across Europe with its range of customisable workstation power units, including Contour, Harmony and Conti, all of which can be specified with Schuko sockets. The launch of the Capsule Schuko unit is the first time the widely used socket type will be available in an on desk fixed format module from CMD, for rapid dispatch to any location.

Stephen Roberts, head of sales at CMD Ltd explains: “The Schuko style socket originated in Germany but is now used in more than 40 countries across the continent and beyond, including most of Scandinavia, Russia, Turkey and as far as North Africa. We already serve those markets with our customisable workstation power units, enabling us to offer a complete, specification-led solution for both under desk and on desk connectivity.

“With the launch of the Capsule Schuko unit, we’re adding to that capability with an off-the-shelf product that wholesalers can keep in stock and we can dispatch quickly, at volume, for customers looking for a compact and standardised solution.”

Available in a choice of black and white, this stylish module comes complete with matching C clamp fixing for on desk installation.  Capsule Schuko features a socket at each side of the unit with central USB chargers, providing a convenient workstation solution that enables on desk power connection for multiple devices at once.

Stephen adds: “The Capsule workstation power module has been very popular in the UK for both home offices and commercial developments. It therefore made sense to create a version for export. We already have strong international customer networks and the Schuko version of Capsule is part of our commitment to ongoing product development.”cmd plugs in to european opportunity with schuko capsule unit launch

CMD White Schuko Capsule Desk Power Module