CMD Ltd has released a new catalogue, providing an easy to follow technical guide to our power distribution systems and plug and play desk modules.

Detailing CMD’s full range of UK-manufactured power distribution systems and plug and play desk modules, the catalogue will be a helpful source of information to M&E engineers and contractors alike to understand how our power distribution systems connect together and deliver technical specification and compliance for connected workspace environments.

Available to download, the new brochure has been designed for use as a support document for product specification. It has been updated to make it easier to navigate, with product information split into two sections: power distribution, including Betatrak® powertrack underfloor busbar and Power Hub, and workstation power, including under and on desk plug and play power modules.  The brochure includes useful information on technical and regulatory guidance for power distribution installations in commercial environments, along with sample workstation schematics, delivering a complete visual guide to the turnkey power distribution solutions offered by CMD.


Jon Holding, general manager of CMD Ltd commented: “We have lots of product information available on our website but it’s often helpful for specifiers to have all the power distribution systems information they need collated in a single document, which they can reference when specifying, purchasing or liaising with our team.

“We are proud to be a company that doesn’t just offer products; we provide power distribution solutions, backed by expertise and UK manufacturing capabilities. Our new catalogue provides an educational tool that demystifies power distribution systems for industry professionals, helping us deliver our goal of connecting power, people and organisations and delivering agile working environments.”

Power Distribution Catalogue