Spiral Cable Spine

Spiral Cable Spine

Features and Benefits

  • Spring like expansion from 150mm to 1300mm working length means suitable for various desk set ups, including sit stand
  • Cables can be simply fed through the spine in its compressed state
  • Available in RAL 9006 silver or translucent spine with silver base, or black with black base
  • Easy installation with a single screwed fixing peg locating the top of the spine under the desk
  • Weighted “horseshoe” style base with cable exit cut out
  • Product weight 1kg

Product information

Spiral cable spine is a desk to floor cable management solution that offers exceptionally quick and easy installation, plus a large cable carrying capacity.

Standard Products

Black Spiral

UK Part Number: 660132

White Spiral

UK Part Number: 660133

Silver Spiral

UK Part Number: 660130

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