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Monitor Arms

Monitor Arms

Also referred to as – Monitor Mount, LCD mount, monitor stand and Gas or Pole arm.

What is a Monitor Arm? 

A Monitor Arm is an ergonomic product designed to replace your existing monitor stand. Our ergonomic desk solutions present a number of benefits to the end user. Monitor Arms increase and enhance the range of movement from your desk or workspace with adjustable height, angle and positioning of your monitor screen. Not only that, but CMD Monitor Arms have been developed to ensure they reduce back and neck problems, as well as reducing eye strain. These improvements help contribute towards a more productive work environment.

For more information on monitor stands, monitor arm positioning, LCD Screens or ergonomic improvements take a look at some of our previous blog pieces, or give us a call on 01709 385485. 

Why Choose Our Monitor Arm? 

Our team of designers at CMD have spent countless hours perfecting innovative solutions for your workspace, taking into account style, ease of installation and environmental impact. We supply a range of LCD or monitor enhancements, below is a list of our top selling mounts and poles.


CMD's award winning adjustable gas lift monitor arms offers a premium solution to ensure optimum display, and enhanced working experience, as well as being easily adjustable. Cygnus is an employer’s top choice and will stand up to the busy working environment. With its unique style it would make an ideal addition to any workspace.

Air (Gas)

Featuring the same movement, articulation and rotation as Cygnus, this ergonomic masterpiece means you can mount a range of screens with ease, allowing free and unrestricted movement across the desk space. This, coupled with the never ending list of health benefits to the end user, makes Air a must-have for any modern office environment.

Motion (Pole)

This innovative answer to everyday neck pain and eye strain not only comes at an everyday affordable cost but also offers the exact same ergonomic benefits as its gas brother, Air. This product also supports a dual screen LCD display.


Dual screen? 4 monitor system? 6 LCD flat screen set up? None of these are a problem for the Vision. Supporting up to 8kg in weight this product ensures you will have zero fuss in the office. A 360 degree swivel also makes this support brilliant for sharing ideas or concepts with colleagues.

Desk mount, wall mount and pole mount solutions are all easily obtained, each arm also comes complete with an easy mount desk solution to suit any surface you require. Simply select your required fixing method from the drop down box provided.

Tablet mounts

Also referred to as – iPad mount, Tablet holder or Tablet stand

The increase in tablet and iPad sales has transformed our office environment. With this in mind our product development team in house have strived to ensure the latest tablet holders we bring to you are portable, user-friendly, stylish and easily adjustable. This means your tablet mount can be positioned safely and effectively in both the horizontal and vertical position.

CMD tablet holders can be used in all aspects of working and home life, they are perfect mounting solutions for schools, receptions, offices and stores.

Our Unite tablet mount, a suitable tablet holder for any 7” – 10” device was most recently exhibited at 100% design alongside our award winning Porthole III Wireless Charging Module

Why CMD 

We are an industry leader and pioneer in ergonomic solutions, here you’ll find a section of the top monitor arms on the market. Whether you are revamping your current workspace or fitting out a new office, rest assured a CMD quality monitor mount will not only ensure a safe working environment, but will also help you successfully reclaim your office workspace.

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