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We are very happy with the results, and they have demonstrated how well CMD Ltd continutes to operate during difficult trading periods. We appreciate all the feedback and rest assured, we will take the neccessary steps and continute to improve our operations.





Our floor box wizard allows you to design a specific floor box to suit your requirements. Build from all our available options and once completed our team will respond to you with a quoted price.




Spare parts are now available to purchase online! The simple online guide will help you find the spare part you require and purchase today.




Rotasoc® is widely considered to be the industry standard for customizable under desk power as it includes a comprehensive selection of multi-socket power and data modules with 360° rotatable socket outlets, available in 32 & 16 Amp versions.

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Procrastination in the Workplace


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Why BS6396:2008 British Standard Compliance is Essential


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March 2014 CMD Newsletter


This month’s newsletter we look at not getting the flexibility you would like from your office job? Well, you’re not alone.

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