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Versatility is the key to the Betatrak underfloor Busbar system

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Case Study – O’Neill Patient Solicitors

O’Neill Patient Solicitors get a helping hand from CMD’s Vision Monitor Arms & Elite+ O’Neill Patient Solicitors LLP is a well-established law firm based in Stockport in the North West of England who specialise in a number of different practice areas and provide legal services to the residential property and remortgage markets.  Due to their recent growth and success which has been built around their commitment...

18th March 2015

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Sit-Stand Working

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce Winston. Winston isn’t a new employee at CMD, but a new product that is aimed at helping you have a healthier, happier day at the office . Winston is a sit-stand workstation for up to 4 screens that instantly converts any desk into a sit stand workspace. Winston has a weighted base, which means it is...

3rd May 2016

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Important Change Announcement – New Harmony

You may have noticed in our 2016 Product Catalogue that our Harmony on desk module has been given a face lift. Harmony’s appearance has been improved by introducing a double end cap system to remove all visible screws and greater flexibility will be achieved by the separate supply of data cables. Further design improvements include: Rear access plug in RJ45, USB and HDMI data sockets Data cables...

19th May 2016

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