• Reduced installation time and cost versus a typically wired control system
  • Simple to commission
  • Simple control system operated remotely from PC, Laptop, Smartphone or Tablet
  • Presence/Absence Detection & Daylight harvesting available
  • Scheduling and astronomical time clock control
  • Allows compliance with BS EN 15193 Energy Performance of Buildings and Building Regulations: Approved documents L2A & L2B (England and Wales).
  • 25 Year battery life
  • 5 Year guarantee

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Product information

The Audacy wireless lighting control system focuses on efficiency in all its forms. Faster and simpler installation, saving you time and costs associated with build-out and renovation.

Audacy is more streamlined, allowing you 24/7 control of your lighting system (from any internet connected PC, smartphone or tablet). This in turns reduces the energy consumption of your lighting system.


Know more, spend less

All the information that is relayed through the Audacy Gateway  including;

  • Sensor data
  • Mobile interface
  • Fixture status
  • User overrides
  • Energy usage

is passed and stored by the Audacy Interface where it can easily be reviewed. This will allow you to evolve your lighting usage patterns and reduce the energy consumption.


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