Using an under-desk cable management tray – the benefits and how to choose one

According to research, having a cluttered environment
with too many objects in view can reduce productivity. A cluttered desk can be caused by unorganised documents
or untidy cabling, for example. However, finding ways to keep your workspace organised provides multiple

Setting up under-desk cable management trays can improve safety and productivity. This is particularly true if
you’re working from home. You’re unlikely to have abundant desk space at home, leaving you with trailing wires
and other trip hazards.

This article will look into under desk cable baskets and trays and their benefits, as well as providing insights
into the best types of cable management trays for home offices.

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Read the key reasons why it is vital to keep cables out of the way.

Find out why a cable management tray may benefit you.

We provide key tips on choosing a cable management tray.

Find out more about the cable management trays and baskets we offer.

We provide tips on preventing cable damage and keeping your desk organised.

We provide answers to frequently asked questions on choosing cable baskets.

Why is it important to keep cables out of the way?

Even the most advanced office technology involves basic wiring, as well as a range of accessories, gadgets and
gizmos that need to be stored away logically. Getting your cables ‘cornered off’ can be especially essential.

The biggest cause of
workplace accidents in the UK is slips, trips and falls
. Naturally, that means this risk also accounts
for a high portion of sick days and compensation claims. Messy cables in your home office are not just a
potential problem for you though. They could cause injury to your children, for example, when they pop in to
disturb your working day. Yet, the simple process of tucking away desk cables into a tray can remove this trip
hazard instantly.

Additionally, if you have a height adjustable desk, having the wiring logically stored makes it possible to move
your work surface up and down without getting cables caught up. Under desk trays also avoid the frustration and
wasted time that result from untangling cable spaghetti in your home office!

Keep in mind too, that getting everything safely stowed into a well-made cable management tray protects your
wires from constant abrasion, friction and pressure. This could prolong the lifespan of your IT.

Your physical environment plays a big role in your mental health and productivity. Reduce your office clutter,
and you can boost your sense of wellbeing and ability to concentrate. According to a study on the relationship between clutter and eating habits, an untidy
office can cause you to get easily distracted and send you reaching for unhealthy snacks! So, your waistline
could also depend on simple steps like under desk trays!

Is it really worth investing in a cable management tray/basket?

At this point, you might be wondering why it is worth bothering with a cable management tray, when you can simply
hide cables under your desk.

We’ve already touched on some advantages, which include the way a tray can lift wires completely off the floor,
eliminating the dangers of tripping. Your wiring management tray will also ensure you don’t accidentally damage
cables by putting desk legs or task chair wheels on them.

Cable trays can free up floor space too, which can be at a premium in home office setups. Additionally, with your
cables properly stowed away, you can reconfigure your IT and your adjustable desk more adroitly, without having
to consider where to run wires every time you change the layout.

Lastly, it’s common sense to invest in a wire tray, as it’s a quick and easy addition to your home office set up!
You can install one in minutes.

Cable tied cables

Choosing a cable management tray

So, how do you choose the best option for you? As with all the safety and comfort-conscious office furniture we
provide, you need to find a product that best matches your preferences and home office set-up.

The main types of desk cable trays are:

  1. Ladder – These are primarily aimed at heavy-duty cabling and instrumentation. They run
    beneath desks, with strong rungs to support considerable weight.
  2. Perforated – Like ladders and wire mesh cable organisers, desk trays with perforations
    provide free airflow to keep your wiring cool.
  3. Solid bottom trays – For small amounts of IT cabling, you can buy a solid bottomed tray to
    install under your desk. It can be used as multifunction storage too.
  4. Wire mesh – Cable baskets of diverse sizes and configurations are a versatile way to
    organise your IT cabling, in an unobtrusive way.
  5. Channel type – You can also buy trays that lay cables straight in a protective channel.

Some of the options can be covered, to add further protection and safety, with ventilation coming from beneath.

To select the right one for you, keep the following in mind:

  • Practicality – Which desk tray would slot best into your desk set up with enough space to
    store wiring properly? Look at the fittings to see which is the best fit for your workstation.
  • Adjustable desk capabilities – Make sure your chosen cable management tray is suitable to
    fit within an adjustable desk.
  • Easy instalment – Fortunately, all of our products are straight forward to fit into home
    offices, but certainly avoid any that involve extensive drilling or glueing!
  • Strength and durability – Make sure you’re buying a quality product with enough capacity
    for the weight and volume of your office cables, but also well-made enough to stand the test of time.
  • Even distribution – It needs to store cables logically, without having them crushed
    together, causing the tray to ‘sag’ on one side.
  • Colours – You can source desk trays that match your home office interior and don’t look
    like an eye-sore.
  • Value for money – Look for cable management trays that offer an attractive price point,
    including multi-tray packs to for a cost-effective solution.

CMD’s cable management baskets

At this point, it’s worth looking more closely at two of the best under desk wire trays for home offices and the
everyday benefits they provide:

Premium Cable Basket

This is a great example of a basket that enables you to place cables lengthways in well-ventilated storage. The
mild steel nylon coated wire basket (in a choice of lengths and either silver or white) fits to your desk with
specially designed easy-fix brackets.

Premium Cable Basket

  • Available in Silver (RAL 7040) or White (RAL 9010)
  • 5 Standard lengths – 1,000mm, 1,200mm, 1,400mm, 1,600mm, 1,800mm
  • Includes an earthing point
  • Width 150mm x 85mm high
  • Mild Steel Nylon coated Wire Basket
  • Weight depends on length

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Fusion Cable Basket

A flexible solution to home office cabling, this low-density polypropylene coated basket comes in five size
options, all with an open-fronted design for easy access. Use the strong brackets supplied to fit it beneath
your desk or to your modesty panel in a matter of minutes.

Fusion Cable Basket

  • Silver low density poly coated wire basket complete with 2 brackets
  • Available in 5 standard lengths, 800mm, 1,000mm, 1,200mm, 1,400mm, 1600mm.
  • Weight depends on length
  • Sloped on front facing side for easy access
  • Silver (RAL 7040)
  • Includes an earthing point

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What else can I do to prevent cable damage and improve desk organisation?

These trays make a big difference in reducing office clutter, trip hazards and tangling issues, but what else
creates a tidier working environment?

You could use cable clips and clamps to run your IT wiring around and to your workstation. Clips tend to be a
cable rest structure, while clamps are a semi-permanent way to lift cables out of the way. You can also buy
bendy cable spines (or snakes) to fit around IT wiring, protecting and guiding it. It’s handy for standing desks
when the cable needs to travel substantially upwards.

Of course, clutter is not simply about problematic tech wiring! A tidy home office depends on strategically
placed shelving and storage cabinets, as well as keeping paperwork neatly tucked into document folders and
filing boxes. Time invested in keeping the workspace tidy, particularly at the end of the day, helps clear your
mind and improve concentration.

You can find out more about keeping your desk free of
clutter in our ergonomics advice page

Tidy desk

Cable management – frequently asked questions

Are cable management boxes safe?

The ones we supply are purpose-designed, quality cable trays, with an earthing point as standard. The risk comes
when you try to adapt other forms of office storage to hold wiring!

Why can desk clutter be a problem?

Research has shown that any form of clutter can cause distraction, but it’s also a healthy and safety issue if
you have devices or wiring badly organised on your desk. From spilling drinks into electronic equipment, to
accidentally pulling out wiring, clutter carries safety dangers.

How do you manage home office cables?

The best way to manage home office cables is to buy a desk tray designed to tuck cables beneath or at the side of
your work area.

Why are unorganised cables a problem in the workplace?

Unorganised cables can create several problems, including a serious tripping danger. They can also be easily
damaged if unprotected. Untangling wiring spaghetti is also an avoidable waste of time.

How do you manage cable setup on your laptop?

Having a versatile, open-fronted cable basket beneath your desk makes it easy to set up your laptop, placing the
recharging cable safely out of sight and out of your way!

How do you bundle cables together?

If you have multiple IT wires and instrumental units to organise, you need a substantial form of under desk
storage system. CMD’s cable trays can help you position
and protect cables in linear cable management systems.

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