Standard Cleaners Hive

Standard Cleaners Hive

Features and Benefits

  • Designed to power 230V vacuum cleaners
  • Available with choice of sockets, including RCD
  • Centre lid retainer for added security and eliminated lid loss
  • Tool free installation in less than 5 seconds
  • Manufactured from polycarbonate ABS
  • Grey RAL7031
  • Available as a standard or an angled version which has a 35mm reduction in overall depth

Product information

The cleaners hive is a variation on the standard cable hive – fitted with a 13A power socket.

This product is specifically designed to power 230v vacuum cleaner

Standard Products


UK Part Number: PPH263G

  • Height: 76mm

Switched Plastic Moulded Socket

UK Part Number: PPH263G/SW

  • Height: 105mm

Angled 5A unswitched moulded socket

UK Part Number: PPH263G/5M

  • Height: 120mm

Non standard unswitched socket

UK Part Number: PPH263NG

  • Height: 76mm

Angled Standard RCD Socket

UK Part Number: PPH263G/RCD/A

  • Height: 120mm

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