Our guide to cable management and choosing products – where to start and common mistakes made

With many people still working from home, the risks of untidy workspaces are becoming largely recognised. Cables
are often neglected and left to become tangled; however, they present one of the largest trip hazards in any
office or home office. Working from an untidy desk space can also affect your mental health and productivity,
and the relationship between clutter and productivity has also been well documented for its detrimental effects.

Here, we provide a full guide to cable management in the workspace, including tips on choosing the best products
for you, advice on keeping your desk tidy and guidance on the dos and don’ts of cable management.

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Read our guide to the different types of under-desk cable management products to choose from.

We provide additional tips on keeping cables out the way and ensuring your desk is organised.

Read the dos and don’ts when it comes to cable management.

We answer frequently asked questions on using cable management products.

What are under-desk cable management solutions?

Under-desk table management solutions enable you to store excess cables in a space that is not used for walking.
You can keep the cables neatly tucked under your desk so that they are completely out of sight and out of your
way. The space beneath your desk will also help to protect cables from damage as much of the time lost from
cable-related injuries is spent on replacing office equipment. Under-desk cable management is the easiest way to
create a sophisticated office cable system. Here are the different types of under-desk cable management

Under-desk cable baskets and trays

A cable tray, or basket, will hold your
cables under your desk in a way that allows them to rise and fall with your desk. This makes it easy to adjust a
height-adjustable desk without having to worry about stretching or damaging any of the cables that are beneath
it. Cable trays are often designed with ‘ladders’ that give you easy access to the cables as well as a good
anchor for securing loose cables.

Read our full guide to choosing under-desk cable trays here.

Recommended product

Premium cable basket

Premium cable basket

  • Available in Silver (RAL 7040) or White (RAL 9010)
  • 5 Standard lengths – 1,000mm, 1,200mm, 1,400mm, 1,600mm, 1,800mm
  • Includes an earthing point
  • Width 150mm x 85mm high
  • Mild Steel Nylon coated Wire Basket
  • Weight depends on length

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Fusion cable basket

Fusion Cable Basket

  • Silver low density poly coated wire basket complete with 2 brackets
  • Available in 5 standard lengths, 800mm, 1,000mm, 1,200mm, 1,400mm, 1600mm.
  • Weight depends on length
  • Sloped on front facing side for easy access
  • Silver (RAL 7040)
  • Includes an earthing point

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View our full range of cable baskets here.

Cable spines

Cable spines are the best way to protect your cables from everyday wear and tear. These products route cables
from the floor to your desk system whilst providing a strong, flexible layer of protection around each cable.
Many cable spines can be clipped together for maximum efficiency and neat storage.

Recommended product

Spiral cable spine

Spiral Cable Spine

  • Spring-like expansion from 150mm to 1300mm working length means suitable for various desk setups.
  • Cables can be simply fed through the spine in its compressed state
  • Available in RAL 9006 silver or translucent spine with silver base, or black with black base
  • Easy
    with a single screwed fixing peg locating the top of the spine under the desk
  • Weighted “horseshoe” style base with cable exit cut out
  • Product weight 1kg

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Shop our full selection of cable spines here.

guidance on choosing cable spines and using them correctly, read our guide full to
cable spines.

Under-desk horizontal cable clamps

Cable clamps enable you to secure cables to your desk so that they don’t move around or become tangled with other
cables. Clamps can be an effective method of cable organisation because they are strong yet very simplistic.
Under-desk cable clamps can be used to mount power strips underneath your desktop, which make it easy to access
all of your cables from your desk.

Cable coverings

Cable coverings are products that prevent delicate cables from being damaged, ensuring you don’t have to waste
money on replacing cables! These products are ramp-like coverings that sit above cables to stop people from
treading on them or tripping over them. These are a perfect solution if you have cables that run across the
floor of your office or home office as they will prevent trip hazards and cable damage.

Read our full
guide to under-desk cable management for more tips on using under-desk

Additional cable management tips and how to keep your desk organised

To boost productivity and concentration, it is important that you maintain a tidy desk space as well as the area
underneath your desk. This could mean investing in some on-desk cable management products as well as other

  • To help to de-clutter your desk, consider investing in organisation products such as document holders and
    drawers to keep clutter and unnecessary documents off your desk.

You can find out more
about keeping your desk organised here

  • Use a monitor arm or laptop stand to keep cables out of the way and ensure you work ergonomically. Position
    your screen to ensure you are working ergonomically. You should aim to position the top of your screen at
    eye level. The monitor should be approximately the length of an outstretched arm away from you on your desk,
    whether you are sitting or standing. Adjustable tools for
    devices can be found here

Recommended product

Reach monitor arm

Reach monitor arm

  • Awarded Ergonomics Excellence by FIRA
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Spring assistance for fingertip movement
  • Folds flat into 80mm of space
  • Integral cable management
  • Quick release VESA (Supports VESA 75mm & 100mm)
  • Standard Arm supports monitor weights between 2Kg- 5Kg

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Don’t be a hoarder! Throw away anything you don’t use, as it will clear up valuable space and create a more
harmonious work environment. This includes accumulated cables for devices no longer in use!

Are you still unsure which cable management to choose for your workstation? View our full range of ergonomic products here.

Cable management dos and don’ts

The following summarises the key dos and don’ts for using cable management products:

Keep cables organisedOver-tighten cable ties
Choose management products that suit your workspaceLeave cables to become tangled
Use on-desk solutions like monitor standsLet children or pets access cables
Keep an eye on the maximum weight for cable basketsOver-stuff cable baskets

Read our guide
to the dos and don’ts of cable management for more tips.

Frequently asked questions – cable management

How do you organise your charging cables on your desk?

Clips are a great option for organising charging cables.

How much wire management do you need?

This depends on how many cables you have and how much work clutter you have – a bigger solution is required for
larger amounts of cables.

How do you manage longer cables?

Long cables can be gathered and fixed together with cable ties.

How do you hide the cords on a standing desk?

The most efficient way to hide cords on a standing desk is to use either a cable basket or a cable spine.

Does cable management affect performance?

Many studies have shown that a workspace free from clutter like loose cables can substantially improve

What happens without cable management?

Without cable management, your workstation puts you at risk of tripping hazards and can damage your cables.

Which cable management accessories should you choose?

This depends on what products are suitable for your workspace and the type of desk you are using! The tips above
can help you decide what types of cable solutions to choose from.

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