Six ways smarter power solutions can improve your office

No matter how large or small your office may be, creating the perfect set-up is much easier said than done. Poor use of space, wasted energy and even potential health and safety hazards are common reasons why many office spaces do not perform as efficiently as they could.

Surprisingly, smarter power solutions can make a huge difference to the smooth running of an office. Here’s how…


Smarter power improves communication

Break-out spaces allow employees to work in project teams without the formal setting of a meeting room. This more relaxed way of working promotes creativity and provides flexible seating options in a hot-desking environment.


Smarter power allows your workspace to grow with you

Many offices rely on a small amount of wall sockets to power a large space, therefore the positioning of work stations is reliant on the location of available sockets. Installing busbars beneath the flooring provides easily accessible power throughout the entire office. This means:

  • Desks can be positioned in configurations to suit the needs of employees.
  • Trailing socket rows aren’t necessary to access power.
  • Additional desks can be installed to facilitate a growing workforce.
  • Media stations aren’t restricted to specific locations.
  • Layouts aren’t dictated by available sockets.


Smarter power saves money

An enormous amount of energy is wasted in the office simply by leaving devices on when they are not in use. Investing in energy management technology will help to track how and where energy is being used and prevent it being needlessly wasted.

  • Smart meter-style tracking will highlight problem areas in the work place.
  • The ability to pinpoint energy usage on a desk-by-desk basis encourages employees to get into the habit of powering down devices when not in use.
  • Smart power management instils an energy-conscious culture and ultimately helps reduce a company’s carbon footprint.
  • Small changes in energy usage results in significant financial savings.


Smarter power futureproofs office equipment

Once a company has grown in size, it becomes necessary to relocate to larger premises. In many cases this means that fixtures, fittings and any structural investments which have been made to the space are left behind in the move, ultimately ‘gifting’ the landlord. Smart power solutions can help to avoid this:


Smarter power increases office safety

The amount of electrical devices required in the day-to-day running of an office will naturally present health and safety concerns if not handled properly. Trailing wires can easily become tip hazards while misuse of sockets can result in blown fuses or worse. These issues can be addressed and prevented through the following ways:

  • Fit cable baskets beneath desks to house trailing wires.
  • Cable spines can be fitted to the leg of the desk to contain wires that are required to reach the floor.
  • Ensure sockets aren’t overloaded. Instead, use high quality power and media socket rows that are specifically designed to support the required wattage of office equipment.
  • Vacuum cleaners require a higher wattage than computer equipment. Make sure cleaning staff don’t overload socket rows by specifying a ‘cleaners hive’, suitable for supporting vacuum cleaners.
  • Installing on-desk power modules will keep cables at desk level instead of on the floor.


Smarter power improves the perception of your company

First impressions are crucial in the work place, therefore ensuring your office appears, slick, welcoming and professional to visitors is essential for attracting new clients and recruits. Small changes can make the workplace feel instantly more inviting, here’s how:

  • Smart power in reception areas—such as wireless charging devices and integrated sockets in soft furnishings—provide convenient charging options for visitors. What’s more, these innovative devices demonstrate that the company is technologically savvy and forward thinking.
  • Clutter and trailing cables can look unprofessional and chaotic—streamline wires by using cable tidies and compact socket rows.
  • Ensure meeting rooms are adaptable for all eventualities by integrating multi-functional power sockets into meeting room tables. Including media and international sockets alongside USB and conventional three-pin sockets will provide the utmost convenience for both employees and visitors.