Footprint Energy Management

Footprint Energy Management

  • Allows energy usage in the office to be monitored and controlled
  • Smart meter technology
  • Online dashboard
  • Easy reporting of energy usage patterns

Product information

The power to make simple but effective changes is at your fingertips

CMD Footprint puts you in control of the energy usage in your business. By auditing, monitoring, managing and targeting how much electricity is being consumed at the desk level – or more to the point, wasting – you can save energy and money.

CMD Footprint enables you to see exactly how much electricity is being used in your business at each workstation – online with your personalised dashboard. You will have the tools to show users their energy consumption on an individual, department or floor basis. This makes it easier for users to take responsibility and ownership of their own actions.


Audit > Monitor > Manage > Target

If you want to improve it, you first have to monitor it. By seeing exactly how much electricity is being consumed, it is easier to introduce changes to make savings. With informed and evidence based data being available you can improve your energy use. When taking accurate readings, it is easier for companies to benchmark a starting point and then look to introduce appropriate targets to measure the process being made.

  • Web-enabled real time monitoring and scheduling tool.
  • Data gathered via intelligent power modules.
  • Provides analysis of energy usage.
  • Enhances an energy saving culture.
  • Indicates the costs of running connected appliances.
  • The ability to schedule and control appliances from one location.
  • Easily view what modules are on and off across the organisation.
  • Create detailed reports from daily to yearly views.

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